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V222: Central Vacuum Hose

V222: Central Vacuum Hose
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30-foot long, 1-3/8 inch diameter crushproof central vacuum hose

The Model V222 Central Vacuum Hose is a 30-foot long, 1-3/8 inch diameter crush-proof central vacuum hose. This hose is intended for garage use where the hose connects directly to the central vacuum power unit. Tools and wands friction fit onto the hose's swivel attachment end.

This hose is included in the Model VMGAR Deluxe Garage/Car Tool Kit.

NOTE: Linear recommends the V222 hose for use with the VMGAR Deluxe Garage/Car Tool Kit – and the V400S hose for use with the VMTKD Deluxe Tool Kit. Please see Product Bulletin PB2008-002 for compatibility details.


  • 30-foot long central vacuum hose
  • 1-3/8 inch diameter
  • Crush-proof design
  • Swivel end with friction fit tool attachment
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